Mental preparation!

Today I found 26 scriptures to go with each mile of the marathon. They are all perfectly placed to give me encouragement all the way. I will post them tomorrow when I am on my computer…much easier than phone. šŸ™‚ The Lord is holding me upright and carrying me through until the end.

Currently I am surrounded by His beauty in Florida. Friday it will be California. The beach is so calming and peaceful. I feel His presence in the wind. This is the wind which will allow me to soar like an eagle to His finish for His Glory!

Physically I feel good. My taper runs have been good despite the heat and humidity of the Florida beach. So I am ready for the cool breeze in San Diego. Real ready!

Mentally I am ready too. God is proving Himself daily. He is showing me that I am His creation. He has given me this talent. So I am going to use my mind, body and spirit to glorify Him!!

I am ready! Ready to Run For God!

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