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Why we won’t give up!


On Saturday, September 22, an incredible group of ladies will be running in the Nashville Lady Speedstick Women’s Half Marathon.  This will be a first half marathon for half of the group and a second, third or other for the other half.  We have been training together for the past couple of months religiously.  God has been our strength and our friendship has been our fuel.  Fuel for getting up early on Saturday mornings.  Fuel for the speed drills we DID NOT want to do.  Fuel for the fire HE has given us to encourage one another.

Some of us are going for PRs and others as pacers.  I think we can all say, we have truly learned to lean on one another and look for HIS strength in our friendships and our runs.  It has been an amazing journey. We have pushed together. We have sweated together. We have groaned together and we have laughed together.  I am sad that this journey will come to an end.  But I know, the only thing coming to an end, is this training season for this half marathon. There will be many more races together and the most important race of all…the race of life…Our race of life with our Lord Jesus Christ.

So on this day, this is the word of encouragement the Lord laid on my heart today for Yoli, Gina, Nancy, Shannon, Deirdre, Krista and Kristy…Why WE won’t give up!

The rest of this post is being taken from an excerpt in my Life Application Bible, NIV.  I found it today as we were looking at scriptures in 1 Corinthians.  It spoke to me regarding our upcoming 1/2 marathon.

Perseverance, persistence, the prize!!!  The Christian Life was never promised as an easy way to live; instead Paul constantly reminds us that we must have a plan because times will be difficult and Satan will attack.  Be we never persevere without the promise of a prize – a promise God WILL keep!

1 Corinthians 9.24-27

  • The Purpose …Run to get the prize, Run straight to the goal
  • The Plan…Deny yourself whatever is potentially harmful; Discipline your body training it
  • The Prize…A crown that will last forever

Galatians 6.7-10

  • The Purpose…Don’t become weary in doing good; Don’t get discouraged and give up; Do good to everyone
  • The Plan…Sow to please the spirit
  • The Prize…Reap eternal life

Ephesians 6.10-20

  • The Purpose…Put on the full armor of God; Pray on all occasions
  • The Plan…Use all the pieces of God’s armor provided for you
  • The Prize…Taking our stand against the devil’s schemes

Philippians 3.12-14

  • The Purpose…Press on toward the day when you will be all God wants you to be
  • The Plan…Forget the past, strain toward what is ahead
  • The Prize…The prize for which God calls us heavenward

2 Timothy 2.1-13

  • The Purpose…Entrust these great truths to people who will teach them to others; Be strong in Christ’s grace, even when your faith is faltering
  • The Plan…Endure hardship like a soldier, and don’t get involved in worldly affairs; Follow the Lord’s rules, as an athlete must do in order to win; Work hard, like a farmer who tends his crops for the harvest
  • The Prize…We will live with Christ; we will reign with him; He always remains faithful to us and always carries out his promises

God is good all the time! He will take us every step of the way on Saturday! Ladies, we can do it and we will do it for HIM! I am honored to be part of a team who loves the Lord and others with all of your hearts!

i^2 – As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27.17

Running blessed…Trish


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My Running Angels!


Yes, We Can! Yes, we WILL!

Boston 2013 here we come!

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And the answer is…

On Thursday, September 6 I was invited to join Team Hoyt once again in the 2013 Boston Marathon.  Here is the email:

Hi Trish-
Hope you and  the family had a wonderful summer- I know it is back to school time!!!

We have heard from John Hancock and we have secured some  charity bib numbers for our marathon team.  We are reaching out to alums first to confirm if they want to continue  to be a part of our 2013 team before we reach out to our waiting list.  If you can let us know by 9/13/12 (or sooner) if you are going to accept a slot that would be great.
We are all anxious to get our team in place so we can move forward with hotel rooms, clothing sizes, etc.  I think we will once again have a fabulous team and a great year and a wonderful Boston Marathon experience.
Thank you for your support of Dick and Rick and the Hoyt Foundation- it has been greatly appreciated.  Kathy Boyer -Team Hoyt Office Manager

Here was my 1st response:

Hi Kathy!

I can’t believe it’s time to think about it already. Time flies!!! 😄. Mike and I are excited about the possibility once again. We have been praying about it and will give you an answer before September 13. 😄 Mike quit his job one month ago to build his own shop. We are now a one income family and have to weigh out all the options. I believe it will all work out if we come, we just have to make sure. 😄 Talk to you soon.  Hope you, Dick and Rick are doing well.

As many of you know this is something I wanted to be from the Lord. Last year was such a HUGE blessing due to all of the extra circumstances…me trying to qualify, missing it by 53 seconds, finally qualifying and then missing the performance standard by 13 seconds…then applying to run with one charity and being denied on the day I found out I may be able to run with Team Hoyt…a team I had been introduced to in the Run for God program that changed my focus from running for me to running for HIM.  Then being about to be a Team Hoyt member and having my Bayside running angels help get me to 2012 Boston.  With all of that being said…I wasn’t sure I wanted to replace it. 🙂  But God helped me see that 2012 will always be my Boston experience for 2012.   It will be special forever. My family was there to see my dream of 10 years come true in a way only God could have orchestrated it.  He will get glory from 2013 and the experience will be different.  It will be one unlike 2012.  It is HIS plan!
So after praying for an open door to 2013, I received it on Thursday, September 6.  But it took me running with the Bayside angels last Saturday to see it.The Saturday before I asked my running partner, Gina to pray I had an open door….a wide open door.  Throughout this last week I knew I would be receiving an email from Team Hoyt soon.  I was expecting it to be a CLOSED door saying they had too many charity runners.  (Last year they were given extra spots because it was Dick and Rick’s 30th Boston)  I thought because I was one of the last on the team I would be first off.  So when I received the email Thursday, I thought…okay, I need to make a decision.  I told the running group Saturday morning about my deadline.  Gina then said, “isn’t that your open door?”  It took me 4 miles to realize yes, it was. I had been expecting the email to close the door, but instead it opened it.  God is so good.  So here is my second email response:

I am in!!!! I was so afraid you all were not going to have enough charity spots due to the extra you were given last year that I was halfway expecting the NO email to begin with. 🙂 After I emailed you back that I wasn’t sure, I talked to Mike, and I thought to myself…What was I thinking??? Yes, I want to be on the best team ever…Team Hoyt  🙂 Count me in for Boston 2013!!!

Boston 2013 here I come for HIS GLORY!!!!

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The ? of the month…

Luke 1.37

37 For nothing is impossible with God.”

Jeremiah 33.3

‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

When I got up this morning, it dawned on me that it was one year ago today that I ran my Boston qualifying run in Tupelo, Mississippi.  Wow, how time flies! A lot has happened in the last year.  Many prayers have been answered while we are waiting on the answer to others.  We have gone from being parents to being in-laws and grandparents. I have gone from being a recreational runner to being a Boston Qualifier to being a Boston Marathon finisher.  Mike has gone from working for someone to working for himself.  We have seen many, many blessings throughout this crazy year. It has been a roller coaster…a fun one for sure.

Now, I am to that time of year where I need to start thinking…do I run Boston again or not?  This is the question I am currently bouncing through my head.  Many of you have asked me this very question over the past few weeks.  Currently, I am in the process of praying for and awaiting the answer. With that being said, God has been speaking and I am trying to  listen.

Today our pastor preached a sermon titled:  The Mystery of Unanswered Prayers.  His points could have been tied to my first Boston journey.  They paralleled each other. He showed us this mystery of unanswered prayers with the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth in Luke 1.5-17.  How the Lord provided in a way they may not have understood but in a way that brought glory to His name.  He discussed how sometimes our prayers are denied or delayed.  Boston was denied and delayed in June during my first attempt at qualifying.  Why? Because God always answers our prayers in the way that brings Him the greatest glory!

The greatest glory for HIM came from the journey He provided to Boston with my team-Team Hoyt. Then He supplied me with another team of running angels here in TN and around the nation who prayed for me as I fundraised and as I trained.  What an incredible experience…which many of you have been a part of or have read about.  Now, do I do it again?

Well, yesterday I asked a great friend to pray specifically for me as I try to discern what HIS will is for this situation…not my own.  I asked for a very clear open door or closed-door. 🙂  I need the handwriting on the wall.  So, this morning Mike and I walked to the mailbox.  We forget to check it occasionally. 😉  So, today, on Sunday, we checked it.  And what do I find???

The 2012 Boston Marathon Racers’ Record Book

& Boston Finisher’s Certificate

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was great fun looking through  it and reliving the memories.  Team Hoyt was highlighted on page 8.  What an awesome memory!!!  With the book, I also had my Finisher’s Certificate…my official certificate…woo hoo! I am a Boston Marathon Finisher! As I stated at the beginning, God has answered many prayers.  Boston was a HUGE one…one I really didn’t realize for a long time.

Now, to 2013…Boston or not? My answer is in His hands.  I want to be right smack in the middle of HIS will! I want glory to come to His name.  If doing Boston with Team Hoyt again is going to glorify Him and be part of His will, I am totally in! Now to read His word, pray and search for His peace.  We are still waiting on news from Team Hoyt as well…that may be the answered door I am waiting on.  They were allowed 30 charity spots last year because of it being the 30th running of the marathon for the incredible team.  They may not receive as many spots this year.  So, will you pray I hear and I know beyond a shadow of doubt whether Boston is His plan or not?  Thanks in advance! 🙂

Running Blessed…and ready to train if need be!


Also, I am leading a Run For God Bible study starting September 9.  Please pray for all who participate and that God will be present every step of the way.


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