The Lord is here!!!

I have truly been overwhelmed with the Lord and His spirit today. All day long He has been so ever-present. He knows what we need and when we need it. Today He has shown Himself through nature, through friends, through family and through His word. I started my day with a run.

As I was running…the breeze, the beach, the trees and the people were all encouraging. My body did not want me to enjoy the run. To put it bluntly, I needed a bathroom in a bad way. Low and behold, I looked up and there it was. They were few and far between. But, I had one when I needed it. As most of you know, I don’t believe in coincidences…but Godincidences. And this was a huge one!!!

Next, when I finished my run, I had a text from a new dear friend from the Run For God Bible study. Her words of encouragement brought tears to my eyes because I could feel the Lord’s love wrapped around me. This run and this journey is being done for God. I have to remember that and remember that Satan is trying to sabotage me every step of the way. He will not win…the Lord will!!!!

After this I checked my email and had one from my sister. While searching for this blog she found another blog Range of View. On her blog she had a story about making it to the next mailbox. As you know from the name of this blog, making to the next mailbox is sentimental to me. Very! The story was soooo similar to my story. I knew it was God telling me once again…”I am here! I am with you!” He is sooo good!!!

Then…it just keeps getting better…another friend from Run For God sent me an email telling me she was praying for me this week and weekend. Wow!! I can so feel the prayers and I am sooo amazed (why, I don’t know) at God’s grace, His mercy, His love for me. He is not just showing up…He is always here. I am finally in tune enough to see it and feel it in EVERYTHING.

As a friend said today, you have a direct line to God with your prayer. Again, this was encouragement. Because…we ALL have a direct line of prayer. Use it!!! It works, because HE love us NO MATTER WHAT!!

One last thing…I am in the perfect place for my last week of preparation. I am running on the beach. I have palm trees all around. It is getting me prepared for San Diego. My tapering runs have been great this week. I feel wonderful running and I will continue to do so until the big race is over. I can’t wait to celebrate God’s goodness at the finish line on Sunday.

Thanks to all for your prayers and your encouragement. God is using you to make a difference in my life!!!

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