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God doesn’t make the decision hard!

A couple of weeks ago at church, dear friends gave me a copy of sermon notes from Jerry W. Arnold. He preaches at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Virginia. The title of the message was: God doesn’t make the decision hard!

We make decisions every day…Some big ones some small ones. Reflection is part of making those decisions. Looking at where we’ve been and where we want to go.

As God directs me throughout my next steps, these were words I needed to read and hear. This time of year always brings a time of reflection. These words helped put my reflection in focus.

The message centered around several scriptures. There were a couple of key statements he made as well. “If you are not systematically reading God‘s word you will have many difficulties in your life.” His word will lead us down the right path.

Psalms 139.13-18.

◦ God knows us!

◦ He knitted us together!

◦ He is with me always!

Ephesians 2.10.

◦ We are God‘s workmanship.

◦ We are created to do good works.

◦ He prepared us to do it.

God designed us to do good works for His glory and to help people.

Proverbs 15.22

◦ Seek wise counsel

As we move forward daily what should we be doing:

◦ Read the Bible.

◦ Pray.

◦ Seek wise counsel.

◦ Reflect – what has God given me the opportunity to do in my life?

◦ Who has God put on my heart to love?

◦ Live putting God first, honoring him and all I do!

Romans 8.28.

◦ ALL will work out for God’s glory

Psalms 127.1.

◦ God has to be in it or it is all in vain.

I want to be used as an instrument for the Lord daily. These are the steps to do that. I’m thankful for the reminder from dear friends through a sermon from someone far away.

God uses ALL things!

Bottom line – “we are designed to do good works for gods glory and help other people.” As long as we are in God‘s word and listening to him he will lead us step-by-step. “It is one day at a time walking with God and living by faith and his faithfulness!”


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