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Textbook Patient…

Were the words to describe daddy today. He showed up and showed off in every session. He walked with two types of walkers as well as a cane. The cane was quickly taken away from him because he wasn’t using it. The PT walked behind him with a light grasp of the gait belt as daddy walked on his own making laps around the hallways. The PT and dad compared golfer tans. They both look like they have been dipped upside down in chocolate, as my Irish friend Ruth stated when she saw daddy’s white feet and brown legs. 🙂

In occupational therapy he showed how he could easily dress himself, put his shoes on, take the shoes off, etc. The OT trained me on transferring dad to and from the bed to the wheelchair and the PT trained me on how to move him with his walker to and from. The PT truly believes he will be walking this weekend. WooHoo!

“Life happens between an inhale and an exhale!”

Brianna Z. Nevada – Dove Chocolate wrapper

This quote reminds me of the quickness of life as represented by dad’s current situation AND the men and women in gray scrubs that come in daily to make him inhale and exhale. 🙂 His condition is improving so they are not coming as frequently. As stated above, he is a textbook patient.

TaylorStrong Team

Life is happening very differently than we planned. This weekend the plans were to celebrate mom’s 80th birthday with family. Mom and I were going to walk the Fayetteville Half Marathon on Saturday and then celebrate with the others upon our finish. My family will still join me in NWA on Friday. (I have missed them and will be so thankful to have my support team around me…Mike, Chase, and future daughter-in-love, Erin)

Though the original plans have been altered due to life happening. It is okay. Mom is okay with it because daddy is alive and well. He is moving slower than normal and not quite 100%, but he will be. Mom is determined to still walk the half marathon on Saturday. Mom wants to trudge on. She has trained and we will conquer the Fayetteville Half Marathon as a team. She is not a quitter! The #taylorstrong Team is together again. We will walk for mom and we will walk for dad. What a day it will be!

Improvements are happening one mailbox at a time. We are hoping for a full recovery and watching it happen daily. We give God the glory and look to Him for our strength and guidance. We are joyful, hopeful, patient, and faithful while lifting up our prayers to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (One of the sweetest times of day is our nightly prayers asking for complete healing for daddy!)

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer!

Romans 12:12

Fun memory….

As I was sitting in traffic this station wagon sat beside me. I had to snap a photo because it brought back so many memories from our childhood. Oh, the stories our brown paneled station wagon could tell.

True love stories never have endings.

~Richard Bach

#blessed #taylorstrong


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