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Difficult but amazing…

One week of school is in the books. The most difficult first week ever. And the most amazing first week ever. To say I am proud to be leading an incredible group of faculty and staff would be a total understatement. This group is going over and beyond in ALL they do. They love our students and it shows. The time and effort they have put in since their ‘first’ day back is inspiring.

People have always described my school as a special place. A place full of people who call one another family. This is the truth! We are family. Family loves no matter what. Family bickers at times, but loves each another no matter what. Family jumps in when something needs to be done without thinking. Family loves up close and from a far. Family extends grace. Family is empathic. Family is helpful. Family is fun.

2020 started as a year to ‘refocus’ our vision – our perfect vision. Well, there is nothing perfect about 2020. Nothing at all. DIFFICULT is the only way to describe 2020 – DIFFICULT!

But family who is you want to do hard with…and turn it into amazing.

We will do amazing things this year. They are already doing amazing things. You know, none of us when to school to be remote/virtual/online teachers. This new way of teaching and delivering content is outside the box, not abnormal, just not what we do. It is now because we have a staff who wants to do amazing things and IS DOING amazing things. They will get the hard work done. They are getting the hard work done. Their value is unmeasurable.

We have a mantra at school – “Together, We Dream, Believe, Lead, and Achieve! Go Sweatbees!” This year we will bring new meaning to it…because:

  • We are truly in this together
  • We are dreaming of getting it done no matter what…
  • We believe in one another and our students…
  • We will lead by example despite the difficulties…
  • We will achieve amazing things in 2020-2021!
  • We ARE the Sweatbees!

As the above quote states: “Don’t miss out on something that could amazing just because it could also be difficult.” We will not miss out on an amazing year because we will use the difficulties to help us press forward. As a family we will lean on one another and make 2020-2021 the best year yet.


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