Day 2 – Work out the stuff…

Today was a good day. It started early with a blood draw at 4:45 a.m. and then back to sleep. 6:30 was the wake-up call to get ready for physical therapy at 7:15. He worked out first and then ate breakfast. He was able to nap a bit…which is good because nights have been long, very long. Occupational Therapy was next on the schedule, followed by Speech Therapy and lunch. After lunch dad had a chance to nap and visit with mom and Jasmine until more physical therapy at 3:00.

“You are not broken, sick is easier to fix.”

Anthony, PTA

While working with Physical Therapy this afternoon Anthony, dad’s PTA, stated, “You are not broken, sick is easier to fix.” He reassured dad that their goal was to return dad to his normal life. And if you know my dad, his normal life is not that of an average 82 year old. He teaches Health and Wellness, Walking, and Golf at a local community college. He delivers medicines to shut-ins for a local pharmacy and considers it one of his many ministries for Christ. So, no, not your average 82 year old.

His goals for dad were repeated throughout the day with every team member he worked with…from the nurse tech, Agnes to all of his therapists, his nurse, and his doctors. They all see a very independent, strong man who can and will make it home as good as new. We are thrilled with the team God orchestrated and gathered around dad. We are blessed.

Dad started the day with “I feel 150% better than yesterday.” If he keeps that percentage up we will jump into the future and be as good as new very soon!

God is so good. He continues to show up through your prayers, devotionals, flowers, and well-wishes. He will receive the glory for this in the end!

Mom and I are hanging in there. We are a tad bit tired but it is all worth every hour of sleep missed. Pray for a good night of rest for dad tonight. That is the most needed thing now.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

1 Peter 5.7

Dad has used this quote recently –

Work through the stuff…

or something like this…

So, that is what we are doing, working through the stuff.


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  1. Gail & Butch

    The word for the day is FORTITUDE! He has it.

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