Taper week…

Here is a short report on Taper Week – the week before RACE day! I will do a different post on RACE day.  Tapering is preparing your body for the big day. There are several different schools of thought on tapering…from 7 days to 3 weeks.  Matt went with 7 days…of course! 🙂 Here are the runs:

Run #1:  8 x 200m with 2 minute rest – holding pace from week 1  – Needless to say I didn’t hold the pace from week 1.  This run was a HUGE confidence booster!!!!

Week 1 Week 12
:50 :34
:52 :38
:53 :38
:52 :38
:51 :38
:51 :41
:54 :39
:51 :39


Here’s how I felt once the last set of 200s were over:


Easy 30 minute run – I split this run into two portions because I wanted to run with my girls during Girls on the Run! I ran 10 minutes with them and then 20 on my own.  I got 3 miles in at an 10 minute per mile pace average.  Matt said easy so I went EASY!  It was enjoyable!

I wasn’t able to wear my race day shoes for the first part of the week because they were still drying out after the soggy 18 miler on Saturday.  My sweet husband helped me out with the drying process:


4 x 400m @ 70% effort w/ 200m walking recovery focus on form –Last one was my fastest.  I always like that! This was a good shakeout run.  Last run in Tennesse before heading to Chi town!






Easy 30 minute run –  This run was great! We did it in Speedway, Indiana after spending the night with my sister.  It was a treat to see her and her husband John.  It was her birthday…that was fun! It was also awesome to re-introduce her to my amazing friends.   We did 3 miles in 30 minutes once again. We took in the sites of Speedway including the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  We also ran by my niece’s house.  She was gracious enough to get up and give me a hug early on a Saturday morning. 🙂  Sweet run all around! Now to talk the girls into coming back in May 2016 for the 40th running of the Mini Marathon – one of the nation’s largest 1/2 marathons! 🙂 We are READY to run for HIM and encourage each other along the way!

6300AB50-CF1C-40ED-B3B4-1D0508A1E61B IMG_4682

We were on our way…Chi Town HERE WE COME! 🙂

Running blessed with anticipation!!!


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    Love your blog Trish! Not sure how I’ve missed this but glad I’ve found it! You’re such an inspiration to me, thank you for all the advise & tips. Run strong & run for Him!! Best wishes for NYC!

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