What is i2? Follow up to my latest blog.

After I posted my latest blog, God’s reasons for i2, it hit me…not everyone knows what i2 is. Oops! So here you go:

i2 is really “i” squared. It is a symbol for the scripture Proverbs 27.17 – “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” A symbol for iron sharpening iron…i2.

My brother, Rob came up with the logo and used it for a company he used to own. Rob is a godly man and wants to sharpen all he comes in to connect with according to God’s word.  He gives credit to God for i2.

In 2012 when I hosted my first Run with Trish 5k for Team Hoyt, Rob’s company sponsored our t-shirts. From this point on my running buddies and I started using i2 to encourage one another as we ran and in life. It has now become a symbol for us all to be encouragers for the Lord.

Over the last two years I have felt a prompting by the Lord to use i2 as a way to encourage others…family, friends and strangers…so I went to social media to make it a reality. Thus the i2 Facebook page was developed in December 2013.  On this page I try to post pictures with scripture, Christian music and up-lifting words on a daily basis.  The Lord has blessed me with the love of photography as well.  All of the pictures I post are from my travels around the world.  The music posted are songs that have touched me in some way as I walk with Christ.  The scripture is God’s ultimate guide-book for our lives.  It blesses me to post for others.  God is good! I want to share up build, bless and benefit others in the process.  The blog post, God’s reasons for i2, described the journey through scripture that led me to the Facebook i2. If you have not found it yet, go here: https://www.facebook.com/iron2

Be encouraged! Sharpen and be sharpened!!





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2 responses to “What is i2? Follow up to my latest blog.

  1. Eddie Lout

    Thank you for this explanation. You and Rob are special and are such fogood examples of how we should share our faith!!

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  2. taylors

    Excellent Job Tricia! Say about the football game you and Mike recorded, when did you stop watching it or better yet fast forward? LYNMW, Dad

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