3 months ago…


Three months ago today, our lives were forever changed! The night before I turned my phone off when I went bed …which I NEVER do.  I  realized my charger was in the back of the house and was too lazy to get up and go get it.  It’s not like it is a long walk… Around 7:00 a.m. that Wednesday morning, June 12, Mike comes in and tells me dad is trying to getting in touch with me.  This is not all abnormal at this time.  I talked to daddy  in the morning often BUT it was summer and he knew I wasn’t on my way to school.  I shuttered! When I called him back I remember asking, “Is everything okay?” and his response was, “No!”

Most of you know the rest of the story!  Today is not a day to retell it.  Today is a day to praise the Lord for answered prayer! To praise the Lord for allowing us to be a part of a modern-day miracle! To praise the Lord for His hand of protection! To praise the Lord for His goodness…ALL the time! To praise Him for fulfilling scripture.

As mentioned before, my family’s life verse is Romans 8.28.

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

My personal life verse is Hebrews 11.1.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

I can say God has allowed me to live both of these verses out in ways I could not have imagined.  I have seen them lived out in ways I wanted and in ways only God wanted.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt HIS will is the only way I want to live.   I know some days God and I will be on the same page.  I also know some days we won’t be.  I will ALWAYS want His way to prevail because I truly know in the long run that is what is best for my family and me.

On June 12, 2013 our prayers were specific and we knew what we wanted to see and we knew what we hoped for! We knew ALL would prevail according to His purpose but we were be a little picky this go around! The Lord was okay with that and thankfully HE was on the same page! I am not naive enough to know I could be writing a different story….but I am not! And can I tell you HOW very thankful I am for that???  God is so good! All the time! He would have been with our family no matter what and we are well aware of that fact.  I want to say I would still be singing Him praises then too….mixed in with a few bouts of other emotions as well! But that is okay, because today I will be singing(in private) and shouting His praises and His goodness all day long!

Today, three months from when it all changed on a dime in mom’s life…she will be released from physical therapy.  That means she is free to go…no more physical therapy, no more speech therapy and no more occupational! She is done! Woo hoo! She has been cleared to walk without assistance of any kind…no cane unless she feels more secure with it.  She has also been cleared to play GOLF! (as long as she rides in the cart!)

Three months to the day it all changed, God is showing us His hand of mercy! His hand of healing! His hand of love! And that His hand does still perform miracles!  God is so good! All the TIME…good times and bad times.  He can be trusted to turn your heartache into laughter – we had a lot of both this summer but some of the sweetest laughter EVER!  He can be trusted with your struggles…no matter how small or how big! He is a big God and He is a loving God. He can take it!

On June 12 when this all started for me, Mike encouraged me to go for a run. As you have seen over the last tree months running is therapeutic for me and he knew that.  I ran and screamed at God.  He took it.  I cried to Him.  He took it.  I prayed to Him. He took it! He knew my desires…but He also knew His plan.

And as I mentioned before, this time God and I were on the same page.  I didn’t know that on June 12.  I now know that on September 12.  God was working.  He was showing us and those who lived this journey….He is faithful! He is BIG! He answers prayer! He is merciful! He is in the miracle-working business! He is still working!  Mom is not due back to Springfield for follow-ups until November 1.  Until then, she will enjoy her time with dad playing golf, visiting with her many friends and some Razorback football. Woo Pig Sooie! 🙂

God is so very good all the time and I just had to shout it out over the world-wide web this morning!

Psalm 37.4

Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.




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  1. Eddie Lou Taylor

    Trish, these have been very eventful months and I thank thr Lord
    AND you for getting me through it all! I will be safe and take it one step at a time:)

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