He goes before us….

ImageDeuteronomy 31.6 & 8 ~ This was our scripture reading in our devotional this morning.  Once again God is providing His comfort during times of need.  His timing is perfect…as always.  

Mom is having another procedure done today due to the development of blood clots in one of her legs.  Normally the doctor would prescribe blood thinners to combat the clots…but due to mom’s situation – blood thinners being the culprit of the brain bleed – they can not use blood thinners.  She will have a vena cava filter inserted in her abdomen to catch any blood clots that might break lose and head to the lungs.  She will have this procedure done this morning…Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m.  

We thank God for going before her in all of this. We thank Him for having a solution to this problem.  We thank Him for our family of supporters through prayer.  As of now, we still have July 2 as a release date…but we know that could change due to this new development. Thank you for your continued prayers!

We are trusting our Lord Jesus Christ with ALL our heart!




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5 responses to “He goes before us….

  1. Laura Newsom

    We will continue to pray for you guys, especially about today’s procedure. As we know from our experience, you never know what each day will bring. Just take each day as it comes as there are always blessings to be found. Hospitalization and making plans are an oxymoron for sure 🙂 Love you all!

    • Thanks so much Laura. Your words brought a smile to mom’s face. 🙂 She has a great attitude and we are enjoying the blessing of each other’s company. Thanks for prayers and know they are coming back to you all. Love you!!!

  2. Just pulled this up. After I talked with your mom Friday night, I thought they might try something to prevent the clots from moving around. Prayers for a successful procedure. It’s always in God’s Good Hands. (GGH) Tell her the kitties are doing great. Missy was especially lovey this morning. Please keep us updated. -Gail

  3. She is done…Doctor just came out and said all went well! Praise the Lord! Thanks for the prayers. She will be ready to eat now…LOL! She couldn’t have anything to eat after midnight last night and she wants her coffee. 🙂 Love her!!

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