Newest update on mom…

Her MRI was normal! Praise the Lord~this is great news! But we still don’t have an answer. She is currently having an EEG which will help determine if there is any seizure activity.  If so, they will up meds.  If not, another test.  Pray we find answers quickly as this is frustrating her very sharp mind!  

We are very pleased with the sense of urgency the doctors have shown.  They are ready to have answers too.  Being it is the weekend, we are refreshed by that!!  We could not be more pleased with the care she is receiving.  Everyone is treating her like she is their mom! So thankful!!!

One great thing is they are allowing mom and dad’s dog Jasmine to visit her today.  Once the EEG is taken off she will reunite with Jasmine.  She is SOOOO excited. 🙂 I thank God for the small creatures in life that mean so much and can bring healing. She is holding mom and dad together now.  

Col. 1:16 – All things were created by Him and for Him and in Him all things hold together.


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  1. Eddie Lou Taylor

    Thank you,Trish! I could not make it without you! Lu

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