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LGLG ~ Let Go & Let GOD!


You know how hard this is during this difficult time??? EXTREMELY! But we are trusting God has mom in His right hand!

Mom is having a MRI right now because of intelligible speech.  Mom has had spells where her speech becomes muddled.  She is aware of what she is saying but her ability to articulate it is difficult.  The spells didn’t last too long and were one time a day until yesterday.  The doctors, nurses and therapists told us this is normal for a brain injury.  But yesterday it happened more frequently and lasted longer than five minutes – of course we are worried.  After talking to the doctor this morning, they scheduled the MRI. Yesterday she had a CT scan and it came back normal.  In fact they said her brain looks much better.  We are grateful for this but we need answers for this new development.  Something is going on and we need to know what!  We are on the right track now.  I will update more on this issue once I know.

As I sit in the MRI waiting room I started searching for images showing God is in control. During my search, I found this on the Suzels Says blog (http://suzelssays.blogspot.com/2012/03/let-go-and-know-that-god-is-in-control.html):

Let Go and Know that GOD is in Control

My cousin, Katie, once told me this. “Sometimes I’m happy life is hard because it’s during the hard times that you become closer to God. If we were all honest in our faith, we would pray for trials and tribulations so we can grow closer to Him.”

Wow- talk about how much trust you need to have in your God to actually be able to pray for something like that to happen. When you have heartache, let go and know that God is in control.

Just a thought.

Another Godincidence…He knew I need this today! Thank you Lord!  Mom and our family are TAYLOR STRONG!  We are trusting and putting LGLG practice.  



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