A marathon of a different type…Taylor Strong!

The Boston Marathon was two months ago today! (I started this on June 15, 2013. Hospital life is much busier than I expected.)  Wow, how time flies.  As we live life, we have no idea how one event in your life will prepare you for another.  How that event will be similar in so many ways to another event you are unaware will happen.


God knew on April 15, 2013 as I ran the Boston Marathon that on June 12, 2013 I would start running a different kind of marathon.  He knew my dad would be calling me early in the morning with news that would be life-changing as were the Boston bombings. God knew I would need endurance of a different kind to deal with this marathon.  He knew I would draw on my marathon training to sustain while on this new journey.

During that phone call, Dad told me mom had either had a stroke or a brain aneurysm.  She awakened at 2:00 am with a headache and throwing up.  She tried to go into the living room to rest so she wouldn’t bother daddy.  She stumbled and dad heard her.  He rushed to her and noticed how unsteady she was and tried to help her.  She continued to be unsteady and daddy realized he needed help. He called 911.  The EMTs were there quickly and rushed her to Mercy Hospital in Rogers, Arkansas.  Upon her arrival they knew she needed specialized help.  She was airlifted to Mercy St. John’s Trauma Center in Springfield, Missouri and had aggressive brain surgery.  It turns out she had a  subdural hematoma, which is a collection of blood outside the brain.

Mom had a section of the size of an adult hand cut out of her skull and the bleed was stopped.  To ensure the swelling continues to go down, mom will be without this bone flap for a month or so.  They will keeping her bone flap in the freezer.  The doctor’s physician’s assistant told us it would be in the cafeteria.  It was good to have a bit of humor from the docs. Once the healing process is far enough along they will replace the bone flap.  Due to the fact mom will have a part of her head missing, she has to wear a beautiful blue helmet.  🙂  She is thrilled! We will add bling to it soon.  She has decided she wants Danica Patrick’s race number because she has become so speedy. This helmet will keep her safe.

This blog was started on a day mom was moving slowly and unbalanced.  A day she was mumbling and confused.  A day we were unsure how quickly her recovery would go.  I can JOYFULLY say that on this day as I write…She is walking with assistance but without a walker.  She is mentally SHARP.  She is speeding along in her recovery.  The occupational therapist and physical therapist that worked with her this weekend were both SHOCKED by the gains she made in 12 hours.  She was a different person Day #2.

We were told mom would probably be ready for in-patient rehabilitation by Wednesday.  Well, our over-achieving mom is ready TODAY – Monday.  She met with the rehabilitation doctor today and she is ready to go.  We are now just waiting on a room to open.  Once there she will receive intensive therapy 3 hours a day, 5 days a week.  Then HOME! I will be in Missouri until mom is released to go home to Arkansas.  Then I will spend my summer in Arkansas with mom and dad.  We are so blessed that I have a teaching job and can be here to help!  Once again, the Lord’s provision.

We are so VERY, VERY thankful for all the blessings God is giving to us minute by minute!!! God has been so very good. Prayers are going up from Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, California, Texas, New York, Florida, Oklahoma, England, France and I am sure many more places I am unaware of.  If you read this and you are from a different location, comment below so we know.  🙂

The Lord allowed us to start seeing blessings from the get-go.  He enabled the whole family to gather to support mom.  Rob and Lisa were able to come to Missouri as well as Rob’s wife, Mari and their daughter, Aspen.  Lisa’s daughter Lane made the trip with her.  The other family members were with us in spirit and through prayers.  Aspen is four years old and kept us entertained dancing, coloring and singing GOING ON A BEAR HUNT. 🙂  Aspen and Lane brought a huge smile to mom’s face when she saw her grandchildren.  Taylor, Lane’s sister, sent well wishes to mom via video from her new 3 month old baby boy.  He made us all smile with his sweet cooing.  Blessings of the family we have can not be measured…we have an amazing family!

Mom was surrounded physically with her loving family.  But we also know she was surrounded by love through prayers from so  many others.  We have seen the many prayers answered.  Dad has been overwhelmed by the outpouring love from all over.  I told him I totally understand because I had that feeling after Boston.  It is humbling to be on this side of a near tragedy.  Once again I am learning life is so very precious.  Life is short.  Relationships are KEY!

We have a new mantra – Taylor Strong! Mom is a pillar of strength. She is a very strong woman.  She has had so many emails describing her as that and as a fighter!!!  She is. She will run the race set before her and she will cross the finish line set before her.


We have experienced many Godincidences during this hospital stay. I will blog about them next…stay tuned!

Praising the Lord and still running blessed even though it is a marathon of a different type for Him – Trish


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5 responses to “A marathon of a different type…Taylor Strong!

  1. Steven Murray

    Awesome testimony. Love you friend.

  2. Marla Nunally

    Hi Trisha,
    Guess what I reading with Peyton?
    The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom!
    I read your quote a few nights ago.
    Your Mom reminds me a lot of my
    Mother strong, smart, inspiring and
    a ton of fun!!! Not everyone knows
    it but once you have been through this
    horrible brain experience you learn a LOT.
    I just knew Eddie Lou would have the
    brains to make a big comeback! I just knew!!

  3. Laura Newsom

    You better add Wisconsin to your list because you know that Connor and I prayed for your Mom. Love you guys!

    • Definitely added you all! Praying for Connor and your entire family daily!!! Thanks for yours as well. Tell Connor I can kind of empathize now on the hospital food and staying in the hospital for a lengthy stay…maybe we will get a visit from the chef. 🙂 They actually delivered her lunch cheesecake with breakfast today. It gave us a good laugh. We love you all very much and are thankful the counts are going up!!!

  4. Eddie Lou Taylor

    Thank you, Trish. You are my inspiration!!!!

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