Boston 2013 training has officially started…

It is that time once again. Time to buckle down and get busy.  Time to continue to build on my base. Time to focus on my goal.  Time to train for marathon number 9! With Boston 2013 17 weeks away…it’s time once again to RUN!

On Tuesday, December 11, I received my new training book –  The Hanson’s Marathon Method. After reading and researching different training methods…this is the one I chose.  My goal for Boston 2013 is to qualify once again under the new standards while running with JOY for our Lord and Savior.  My time goal will be 3:45.  With His help and my training I can do it.

This training includes EASY runs – 1-2 minutes slower than goal pace; speed work; strength work; tempo runs and long runs.  One week in, I LOVE the easy runs. They have helped me find the joy again. 🙂  Speed work was tough…but doable. 🙂  The first one helped me find my confidence again. (You know, there are times when I am out there wondering, “how did I ever do this?”) So, after week one…I am ready! God has revealed HIMSELF once again with the blessing of this book and the start of the training. I am excited to once again be on the journey to my next mailbox – Boston 2013!

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a Spirit of power. (2 Timothy 1:7)


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