And the answer is…

On Thursday, September 6 I was invited to join Team Hoyt once again in the 2013 Boston Marathon.  Here is the email:

Hi Trish-
Hope you and  the family had a wonderful summer- I know it is back to school time!!!

We have heard from John Hancock and we have secured some  charity bib numbers for our marathon team.  We are reaching out to alums first to confirm if they want to continue  to be a part of our 2013 team before we reach out to our waiting list.  If you can let us know by 9/13/12 (or sooner) if you are going to accept a slot that would be great.
We are all anxious to get our team in place so we can move forward with hotel rooms, clothing sizes, etc.  I think we will once again have a fabulous team and a great year and a wonderful Boston Marathon experience.
Thank you for your support of Dick and Rick and the Hoyt Foundation- it has been greatly appreciated.  Kathy Boyer -Team Hoyt Office Manager

Here was my 1st response:

Hi Kathy!

I can’t believe it’s time to think about it already. Time flies!!! 😄. Mike and I are excited about the possibility once again. We have been praying about it and will give you an answer before September 13. 😄 Mike quit his job one month ago to build his own shop. We are now a one income family and have to weigh out all the options. I believe it will all work out if we come, we just have to make sure. 😄 Talk to you soon.  Hope you, Dick and Rick are doing well.

As many of you know this is something I wanted to be from the Lord. Last year was such a HUGE blessing due to all of the extra circumstances…me trying to qualify, missing it by 53 seconds, finally qualifying and then missing the performance standard by 13 seconds…then applying to run with one charity and being denied on the day I found out I may be able to run with Team Hoyt…a team I had been introduced to in the Run for God program that changed my focus from running for me to running for HIM.  Then being about to be a Team Hoyt member and having my Bayside running angels help get me to 2012 Boston.  With all of that being said…I wasn’t sure I wanted to replace it. 🙂  But God helped me see that 2012 will always be my Boston experience for 2012.   It will be special forever. My family was there to see my dream of 10 years come true in a way only God could have orchestrated it.  He will get glory from 2013 and the experience will be different.  It will be one unlike 2012.  It is HIS plan!
So after praying for an open door to 2013, I received it on Thursday, September 6.  But it took me running with the Bayside angels last Saturday to see it.The Saturday before I asked my running partner, Gina to pray I had an open door….a wide open door.  Throughout this last week I knew I would be receiving an email from Team Hoyt soon.  I was expecting it to be a CLOSED door saying they had too many charity runners.  (Last year they were given extra spots because it was Dick and Rick’s 30th Boston)  I thought because I was one of the last on the team I would be first off.  So when I received the email Thursday, I thought…okay, I need to make a decision.  I told the running group Saturday morning about my deadline.  Gina then said, “isn’t that your open door?”  It took me 4 miles to realize yes, it was. I had been expecting the email to close the door, but instead it opened it.  God is so good.  So here is my second email response:

I am in!!!! I was so afraid you all were not going to have enough charity spots due to the extra you were given last year that I was halfway expecting the NO email to begin with. 🙂 After I emailed you back that I wasn’t sure, I talked to Mike, and I thought to myself…What was I thinking??? Yes, I want to be on the best team ever…Team Hoyt  🙂 Count me in for Boston 2013!!!

Boston 2013 here I come for HIS GLORY!!!!

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