God’s race..

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Plan B is on…and guess who shows up? God! How did I do it?  He helped me every single step of the way. I knew each step was being prayed for all day. Check this out…

This sheet and knowing so many others were receiving AT&T athlete alerts and praying as well carried me to the finish line…literally!  Also as I said in the last post, I broke my race down into a run.  A 2 mile run…13 different times. 🙂 I couldn’t look past the 2 miles.  So, I looked in between.  I took it all in.  I noticed my mailboxes (and literal mailbox) along the way.  Here is what I was able to enjoy on my 26.2 mile jog(or 26.53 if you are going by my Garmin) from Hopkinton to Boston.

  • 1st 5 miles were downhill – you could see the runners ahead of you going down, down, down. (no wonder my quads were so sore)
  • From the start there were people cheering every single step of the way. AMAZING! You know when you come to the finish of a normal race you typically speed up because of all the cheering toward the end. I had to rethink this because there were cheers from the get go.  Focus change…slow!
  • The roads were country roads winding through country towns.  I felt like I was at home. The woods surrounding us became port-a-toliets for many. (not me!)
  • A Team Hoyt jersey is the best thing to have on…everyone LOVES Team Hoyt…you feel like a celebrity.  I did a lot, I mean A LOT of fist pumping because of the screams and yells for Team Hoyt. (my arm is still sore from the fist pumps and high fives along the way)
  • It also helps to have someone write your name on your arm. 🙂 The first time I heard someone scream “Go Trish” I jumped. Then I remembered…my name is on my arm. 🙂 Yay!  Great tip for any of you planning on running a marathon…wear your name! They will yell! It is an amazing feeling to have someone scream for YOU!
  • Oh, did I say it was HOT? Well, the neighbors along the way in town came out in force with water hoses, sprinklers, cold water, oranges, popsicles, fire hydrants and anything else that might cool us down.  ICE! This is how we survived…zig zagging the course running through wet refreshment every step of the way. Boy, was it nice!!! The spectators were the best!
  • On the course there were many sources of entertainment…runners dressed like a bumble bee, Robin Hood, a ballerina…all running in the heat in their crazy costumes.
  • The Lord also had messengers out there…Scriptures were all around…taped on runners backs and written on signs
  • Philippians 4.13 – I can do all this through him who gives me strength.
  • Hebrews 12.1 – Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.
  • Boston College and Wellesley College students screaming their lungs out for each and every one of us.  Giving us HIGH fives along the way…this is where the arm started to feel tired…and really loose.
  • This is also where the 1/2 way point hit…so to have the energy of the college coeds helped start the push for the Newton Hills from mile 11 to 20.  I am happy to say I ran every HILL…YAY! It was like running the hills of Tennessee.
  • My memorable hill was Heartbreak Hill…why? Not because it was hard…but because I knew I was hitting my 500th mile for the year 2012 on this hill.  I also knew that my every step was being prayed for all the way to the top.  Pizza was also on my mind…pizza…hmmm…some of you will get this and others just know that pizza is a great pre/post race meal. 🙂
  • At the top of Heartbreak Hill was the last 10k of the race and a TEAM HOYT water stop.  My ears perked up as I heard them yelling Team Hoyt…over here….so off I went for the best slice of orange I have ever had.  The best cup of cold water I have ever downed and the best picture with my newest British friend. 🙂
  • From here I knew that I was getting close, real close. Next stop was my family and the Citgo sign.  But God had a surprise in store….
  • The Red Mailbox! There he was…waiting for me. At least, I thought it was for me. I mean really, why in the world would a person be dressed like a red mailbox??? God sent him to me.  He was with me all the way…but He sent me this visual.  He knew I needed to see the next mailbox to know YES, I CAN AND YES, I WOULD! (and yes, I did!)
  • I had made it to the next mailbox Boston…now I was to make it to the finish line.
  • That itself is the best part of the story…so for now…know mile 25 and beyond will come soon…very, soon. 🙂
  • Here is the sign that we are almost to the end – 1 mile to go…
  • Until then…God blesses those who love HIM and live for HIM no matter how many miles are left in the journey.
  • I will share the real story behind the red mailbox next post as well. It is a Godincidence FOR SURE!

Recovering blessed!

Trish 🙂

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