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Praising HIM for the bump in the road….

Today’s run was a bumpy one…to say the least. It was my last long run before the BIG day…2 weeks from tomorrow. I am so glad it WAS my last one but more importantly I am so glad it is over.  A fellow blogger just posted…

Remember that the Lord never fails, even if you fail!

No matter how many times you’ve failed Him, He won’t fail you, He’ll bring you through!

I failed to meet my time goal but the Lord helped me make it to my distance goal.  It was tough.  Today’s blog is going to be my reflection on the run. It is not intended to bring sympathy for me but glory to HIM!

Praise You in this storm!

The song PRAISE YOU IN THE STORM came on after my run today. As I listened to it…I realized my run was a storm for me.  He brought me through today. I had 17 miles today. And by His grace I made it back to the car.  My heart was torn. My muscles were torn.  My feet were heavy.  My strength was almost gone. I could barely hear HIM whisper…but He was.  His mercy fell on me! He caught my tears today.  He gave me a great 20 miler last week and today I had the most grueling 17 ever!!! But, He caught my tears. He was my help until the very end.  The end I mentally could not picture today. I could not see the end in sight.  I did not see how I was going to make it.  But He held my tears, He held my heart, He held my hand and He lifted me as I stumbled to the end…and yes, I made it.

Did I think I could? NO! I literally sat down 9 miles out and thought “how in the world am I going to get back to the car??? I don’t have anything in me to help me do it!”  I was wrong…I had HIM! After sending out several text messages pleading for prayer…I had some strength to move forward. I know my family was praying. I knew our Lord was with me every step of the way.  It was still very, very hard.  Do you know how hard it is to run and cry? HARD!

At one point, I called my sister, praying she was home.  She was.  We both did not go to our home church today. Instead we worshiped in our own way…I went running. She did her devotional at home.  Because of this…she was home when I needed her.  When she answered, I could not speak because the emotion had taken over.  Why? I am still processing that!

She listened as I talked.  I walked this mile. I never walk in my long runs.  In my head I am saying I can’t walk.  But, sometimes we have to walk. Lisa said to me, “you have to walk before you run!” Amen! So, I kept moving forward, walking nonetheless, but moving forward.  She helped me regain composure and see that God has a plan even in the storms.  His hand is ever-present. There is something to learn even when it is oh so hard.  I am blessed to have a godly sister who can steer me where I need to go when my hands (or feet) have fallen off course.  God was in this! I could do this!

As we hung up, I was thankful. She had lifted my spirits because she had lifted her prayers up to God for me.  I had many others doing the same as well.  Lisa was the voice for them all.  As she told me after the run…she reached out to others, others I don’t know and asked for their prayers…Here was her Facebook post:

Reaching out for a prayer request at 10:15am…. My sister is on one of her last long training runs before Boston and is struggling with the last few miles. She has a heavy heart and heavy legs for some reason and this has been an emotional run as she nears the end of her training. Please pray that these last few miles she feels carried by Him, lifted by His grace, and can finish the run with strength! Thank you FB friends!!!

I can sit here at 3:15 and say, the Lord answered her prayers and the prayers of others. As the song said, I could barely hear Him whisper because my pain and hurt was so pronounced but He still answered and got me to the end.  Here is another thing Lisa said…Prayer doesn’t always change our situation, but prayer will always change us!  Prayer did not change my situation. I still had to make it back to the car if I wanted to make it home. 🙂  But it did change me.  It helped me dig deep and feel His strength within me every step of the way!

I made it to my car. I ran(and walked) 17 miles. Was it easy??? NO! It was horrible! Did I need it? I guess so! Did I persevere? Yes! Did I feel God’s presence? YES and YES!!! My emotions and my body got the best of me today. But my spirit is still saying YES, I CAN because HIS spirit is within me!

Philippians 4.13 I can do all things through CHRIST who gives me strength!

To HIM be the glory!!!!

As I said earlier, I texted several friends and family when I my legs stopped moving…here were their replies:

Go Trish, you can do it!

Ahhh, the Lord is pushing you!

Praying now!!! You CAN DO it! He is carrying you! I love you!

Go girl. You can do it. You do all thing through Christ and you’re my hero! Go, go, go!

This is a hill. Jesus was on that cross on the hill for all to see. Climb your  hill. Push up and through to show you can say thank you Jesus for His sacrifice! Nothing worth glory is easy. You can do this!

Good luck on your run. You can do it!

and from Mike…Love you, think back to last Saturday and how your same body made it and felt great.  Proud of your toughness! 🙂 Praying for my Boo!

Boy, I have the best team around don’t I???? There were many of you praying knowing I was out there.   Thanks to each of you! We are all in His family.  We are to lift one another up in prayer.  I am thankful to have each of you during the good times and during the storms.  Earlier this week I posted on Facebook…

Trust the wind! Storms blow things out of your life that you don’t need and they blow things in you didn’t have room for!

He said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” They were terrified and asked each other, “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!” (Mark 4:40, 41 NIV84)

This wind was strong today. Hopefully strong enough to blow out all of the self-doubt that reared its ugly head.  In will come the confidence He has given me over the last couple of months of training. I am ready! My body is ready, I proved that last week.  My mind was not ready until today. I needed to fail so He could show me how to win with HIM. This is not about me…it is about God. All eyes on HIM! My heart is ready to take part in this God-given journey in Boston.

The saying “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger!” proved true with this run. As another friend said today…this run was God’s way of preparing me for the emotional day on April 16. God blew the crazy emotions out to allow me to experience HIS total joy the day of the race.  Amen!! God is so good…all the time!

All things work together…even grueling 17 mile runs with a huge BUMP in the road. God’s strength is there if you let Him lead you and you listen for Him even in the storm.

Thanks to all of you for joining me on this journey. We are 14 days and 18 hours away.  Are you ready? It looks like God is still preparing me…chiseling me until I am ready to be His ambassador in Boston. AMEN…to HIM be the glory!!

Still running blessed and for HIM!

Trish 🙂

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