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Speed work…and 8 days and counting!

Today I did my first ‘real’ round of speed work on a track with a pacer. It was cool. She ran beside me and kept me on the right pace the whole time. I did 3 one mile splits with 2-3 minute recovery. I ran them at 5k pace. The 1st mile was 7:30. 2nd mile 7:36 and 3rd 7:37. My goal was 7:40-7:50. Yay! I enjoyed it but it was hard. I also ran downtown. We live in a beautiful city. The river was gorgeous. 🙂

So 8 days left….here is what it will look like:
Saturday – 30 min Easy
Sunday – 15 miles Easy
In Florida – Monday – 50 min Easy
Tuesday – 40 min Easy
Wednesday – 30 min Easy
Thursday – 20 min Easy
Friday – fly to California – no running
Saturday – 15-20 min Easy
Sunday – the RACE – 26.2 in 3:50 or less

Phillipians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!


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