April 30

April 30…

Today is my second long run. I meant to post last week after I was done…but it was a wild day and then wild week. We saw the mighty power of the perfect storm in TN last week. Never in my life I have seen such devastation or felt such fear as the storms rolled through. The Lord truly blessed us and kept us safe from harm. Others were not so fortunate…but the Lord is still in control. We know that yet we don’t understand that.

As I think about training, I think how these people’s lives were changed in a blink of an eye. We truly never know how long we are here or what or condition will be. So, training continues. My mindset shifts. I am doing this for the Lord. I am doing it because He gave me the ability to run. I want to be thankful daily for his provisions…all of them. My family, my friends, my job, my house, my workplace…all of these I take for granted and they could be gone in one fell swoop – literally.

Thank you Lord for giving me more than I deserve!! Help me to persevere and do this for you!!

Long run one last week was about 10.2 miles an hour and forty minutes…my goal was an hour and a half. Today is an hour and forty minutes…so we will see if I feel good and have to make it to the next mile before I can quite. :o ) It is a mental game. The difference between last week and this week – I had a friend ride her bike along with me….she was my angel. Today I am on my own. So here I go to experience God’s given ability, God’s earthly wonders and His never-ending strength. We can do it!


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