April 20…a big day

Years ago, I was on Wheel of Fortune. It was on that show that I said I wanted to qualify for the Boston one day.  I never believed it would or could be a reality.  I was also on there to solve my money woes. I was working 3 jobs at the time and barely making ends meet.  I just knew I would win and win big.  Well, I was wrong.  I lost and lost big.  So, those hopes were dashed! That did not become a reality and I didn’t think the Boston would either.

But, God had other plans. He used that day to show me that I was trying to fix my money problems the world’s way and not my own.  He spoke to me through a sermon the day after WoF and showed me I needed His financial freedom…not my own.  At that point I started a new journey financially…one to please Him.  I can finally say, as of April 20, 2011 I am credit card debt free.  Wow!!! He helped me get here…provided extra jobs, extra desire, hard work and it all paid off literally. 

Why am I saying this here on my road to Boston? B/c on that day, I tried the world’s way and it didn’t work..but God’s did.  So, as I train for the Boston I am going to do the same.  He is my ultimate coach. He will give me strength to run when I don’t have it.  I will worship as I run and please Him. 

This journey will be different.  I now believe I can do it. Romans 8.28 -ALL things work together for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.  He called me to live right financially and I am finally there. He has called me to run and run for Him…I am there!

Off to Boston I go.

This week’s training has been good.  The 30 minute runs easy.  The hour run not so much.  I was tired and ready to be done in 20…but I persevered and made it through. Yay! Thank you Lord.  30 today and off tomorrow…I can handle that.  90 minutes on Saturday after the miracle mile.  One week almost down…wow!!! 2 weeks from mini…feeling good.

Running blessed!

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